How does it work?

Homework Homie leverages the power of automation to bring assignments from multiple sites into one place. Instead of students checking multiple sites and worrying about if they’ve gotten everything, students can just check Homework Homie, confident that all their assignments are listed in a single app.

Homework Homie starts with an app for your browser, called a WebExtension. This extension loads in Google Chrome or Firefox, and rides along with you as you browse. When you browse to a supported site, like WebAssign or Moodle, Homework Homie will read the page at the same time you do, and try to pick up all the assignments on that page. It will then save those assignments in the Homework Homie menu in your browser, and sync them to the cloud.

Future Features

Some of the future features we’d like to bring to Homework Homie include:

  • Email Notifications
  • Mobile applications
  • “Take a picture” of your homework and have it processed automatically
  • Tools to collaborate and work on group projects together

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