About Homework Homie

Made by students at North Carolina State University, Homework Homie is an app for the browser that aims to reduce stress. Many students today deal with teachers using a multitude of different systems to track and assign homework. Homework Homie takes the burden of checking those sites off of you, and allows you to look in one place for all your assignments.

We’ve helped over 1000 students keep track of over 60,000 assignments.

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What Do Students Say?

Students love Homework Homie! Of all the students that use Homework Homie, there has been some very positive feedback!

I’ve used Homework Homie since the very beginning, and it’s already come so far and helped me keep track of so many assignments. I can’t wait to see where it goes next!

Alex Grisham

NC State, Computer Science, Class of 2020

Homework Homie is like the friend that always reminds me to do my homework and keeps me accountable. It feels great to check off my work when I am done, too.

Joe McConnell

NC State, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2021

Homework Homie has made keeping up with my homework super easy. There are so many different platforms I have to use for different classes and HH keeps it all organized in an efficient and user friendly way!

Abbye Jones

NC State, Biological Engineering, Class of 2021

I started using Homework Homie at the suggestion of a friend. Ever since, I’ve had a much easier time keeping track of assignments, especially the ones in my Discrete Math class. I’m very thankful for Homework Homie, and I believe it has the potential to positively impact lots of students.

Zachary Taylor

NC State, Computer Science, Class of 2021

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